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Yo’ Saberist


The mocking the saberist is fair game if he chooses to spend an obscene amount of time on this stuff, like we do.

The basement thing is so not funny though. Who actually laughs at that? I’d like to hear a good Yo Saberist joke. I’ll laugh at those.

Here’s the best I got:

  • Yo’ saberist is so sycophantic, he uses “saberist” instead of “sabermetrician”.
  • Yo’ saberist is so stupid, when he redid SIERA, a term flipped signs.
  • Yo’ saberist is so shy, he worked for the Cardinals but never got yelled at by Tony La Russa.
  • Yo’ saberist is so lame, he lives in his father’s basement.
  • Yo’ saberist is so stupid, he thinks the WARtheFramework can be improved upon.
  • Yo’ saberist is so hypocritical, he bets against his model.
  • Yo’ saberist is so dumb, he thinks pitchers have literally zero control over balls in play.
  • Yo’ saberist is so illogical, he whines about tone.

I’d love to read your best suggestions. I hope others feel that way, too.