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Twitter WAR (Wordplay!)

First, Will F**king Carroll noticed something strange about WAR:

WAR says Aubrey Huff better than Albert Pujols. Someone explain this to me.

Then R.J. Anderson noticed something strange about WARP:

WARP says it too; maybe Huff is better marketed

Finally, Patrick Sullivan settles the issue:

Hey if Jenn Sturger thinks Pujols is having the better year, it's good enough for me.


Dr. Will Carroll, Sr. and His Wonderful Toupée

Dr. Will Carroll enjoys the love of his two female companions

These are all taken from an unknown Flickr gallery, by the way.

Dr. Will Carroll and two female companions

Dr. Will Carroll and one female companion

It appears Will Carroll the Younger has learned well from Will Carroll the Elder, in terms how to be seen/how to publicly humiliate your wife. Hats off to both of them.

Also, the cover to The Carroll Guide to Sports Injuries has the worst illustration of sports I’ve ever seen. Everyone associated it ought to be ashamed.