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What the Hell Happened to StatSpeak?

There was a time when StatSpeak was a bastion of pure SABR. With writers like Pizza Cutter, Colin Wyers, Brian Cartwright, and two idiots with a stats software package, you were assured to find plenty of the arcane research we all hunger for.

All good things must come to an end, so the writers all moved on eventually and StatSpeak went dormant. But now, after a second relaunch, it’s in the hands of three idiots whose names aren’t important. (It should be noted though that Idiot #1 is an aspiring Baseball Man, training under noted former Division III ballplayer, Director of Stadium Operations for the Colorado Sky Sox, and all-around baseball expert Mike Pribbenow.) How much these Idiots have destroyed whatever name Pizza Cutter and company managed built up for StatSpeak is simply staggering.

Just check out today’s steaming pile. Or don’t.

Even though it’s fewer than 200 words, I still haven’t read the whole article. All I needed to see was this chart, purporting to show some kind of PITCHf/x data:

No Data Found

And there’s still a second chart, which contains more PITCHf/x data.

No Data Found

That’s right! One of the Idiots inserted a blank chart into his post twice and still published it. I was afraid the article would be corrected before PB went to press but then I realized that that’ll never happen.

Now it’s not worth my time to try to figure out which Idiot “redsoxtalk” is, so I’ll just say this: please stop blogging, Idiot of Indeterminate Number. It’s for the best.