We shouldn’t have to explain sabermetrics to you. The fact that you’re reading Praiseball Bospectus (and reading our about page, no less) suggests that you’re the type of person already familiar with sabermetrics, you nerd. But this blog isn’t about sabermetrics; there’s an endless supply of other sites about that. This blog is instead about SABR. Not SABR, the organization, but SABR, the people.

Practitioners of sabermetrics are most commonly called sabermetricians. The writers and zombie-slave commenter army from The Book Blog are starting to use saberist as of this writing [shudder]. But at PB, we prefer the style of “Cubbie-Tim” from Bleed Cubbie Blue as seen in his mostly-incoherent questions in a wonderful back-and-forth with that man of mystery, Tom Tango.

The petty feuds, terrible analysis, back-biting, and overall super dorkiness of everyone involved makes the world of SABR hilarious and sad at the same time. As long as you like baseball stats, of course. And you’re still a giant nerd.