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Kyle Boddy in a Nutshell

This isn’t the grand return I would’ve hoped for–and I’m a little behind on reporting this–but over at The Book blog, Tango asks readers to leave a comment with their feelings about FanGraphs (mine are already known). Kyle Boddy dips his toes into the water, saying:

This is a great example of an article that is very misleading:

The author has no experience in gambling markets, and the commentators are even worse. 99.9% of what is written here is pure drivel and/or speculation.

The internet in a nutshell responds:

The guy who has spent years putting his name on discredited and ridiculous articles about pitching mechanics making summary judgments without any supporting evidence of someone else’s work. When asked for supporting evidence on Twitter, you say you don’t have time to offer up any kind of reasoning for your claims, so you link to a blog post that offers no reasoning for your claims.

You are exactly the kind of critic that Tango is rightfully railing against.

Anyone who has read Praiseball Bospectus before should know how I feel about that. Care to respond, Kyle?

Talk about irony, anonymous user.

I’ll allow myself this satisfaction: Will I be seeing you at the multiple conventions I’m being paid to speak at this year about training pitchers? Or will you be sitting in on the discussions I’ve had with front office executives?

I don’t think he understands irony, but whatever. Someone show me a front office talking to Kyle Boddy about mechanics and I’ll show you a, uh… front office that is doing a bad job? I’m a little rusty with my zingers, I’m no “internet in a nutshell”.

If all it takes to become a mechanics expert that people pay attention to is to write confusing articles on the Hardball Times, I’ve clearly taken the wrong path in life. I’ll expand on this topic in my next post, “How Dylan Bundy’s Kinetic Load Increases Torque and Humeral Rotation”.