Brevity Is Great

To thwart those hoping to call me a hypocrite, I’ll cut straight to the chase. Matt Lentzner, in his most recent Baseball ProGUESTus column, wastes several hundred words and a whole article to express what I can do in 26: Sample size is important; please include it. And wouldn’t it be cool to have the sample size this stat stabilizes at (according to Pizza Cutter), too?

Wait, I know I can do better. sample size rulez. context iz cool 2. That’s seven words and only 38 characters, leaving plenty of room for sweet hashtags, #imisspizzacutter. If this is your topic for a column on likely the biggest stage in sabermetrics, just sit on it and try for something more interesting and original.

As always, the BP commenters were right on point. skyojohnny chimed in first:

This is one of the most important articles I have ever read in BP and I bet that it will also be one of the most overlooked.


By the way, it’s bad enough BP couldn’t come up anything more clever than “Proguestus” for their guest writers’ column. That has to be literally the first idea they came up with. To spend time brainstorming names and ending up with something so banal would make me sad. But to capitalize the “guest” is insulting. Because I’m so dumb, I wouldn’t get it otherwise. Thanks, guys.

One response to “Brevity Is Great

  1. I promise, I’m alive and well.

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