Baseball Prospectus Disowns the Idiot with the Stats Software Package

No doubt inspired by my comments on Matt Swartz’s harebrained relaunch of SIERA, Colin Wyers officially called out Swartz for his shoddy work and ignorance of statistics. It’s awesome, really. I’m not being ironic when I say it’s exactly what sabermetrics should be. And he managed to do it in 3,000 words, instead of the millions Swartz has written so far about his idiotic stat. I’ll link it again for everyone; please go read Wyers’s article.

7 responses to “Baseball Prospectus Disowns the Idiot with the Stats Software Package

  1. Not related to the Swartz thing, but what exactly has Wyers done at BP since he joined? Some things have gone away; some reports now have a mickey mouse font; some things have been 6 months late. Guy has a ridiculous attitude and as far as I can tell zero production (other than the abortion known as rest-of-season PECOTA). [Nice King Felix projection].

  2. Brian Cartwright

    I never paid a lot of attention to SIERA, but I wouldn’t call it harebrained, shoddy or ignorant. Matt takes the high road and defends his work point by point on “The Book” blog.

    Colin however couldn’t seem to resist laying on the snark that’s better placed on a website such as this, not a mainstream publication that BP is. He could have easily said “Matt’s moved on, and taken SIERA with him to Fangraphs. Upon further review, we at BP have decided to no longer carry SIERA for these reasons…”.

    I have no problem with a public debate on the validity of methodology. It’s a good thing. Whenever I’ve published something I’ve always been somewhat anxious to see what will be said about it on Tango’s blog, where I knew I would have to go to defend my work. It’s something I anticipated and believe is necessary as our method of peer review.

    But let’s stick to the evidence and keep it classy. You might quote MGL saying “stop being such whiners about tone” but we don’t have to be dicks. I think I get along great with MGL, regardless of how much we agree on. I’ve now stopped caring about Colin.

  3. Indubitably!

  4. Brian Cartwright

    To be more precise: I do care about Colin as a person, I shouldn’t call myself a Christian if I didn’t. I don’t care anymore if he likes me or not, or if we get along or not.

  5. “I don’t care anymore if he likes me or not, or if we get along or not.”

    Christian, indeed! Hell, I almost mistook you for me there.

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