Will F**king Carroll Is Unpopular, Confused

These are actual tweets.


So if I’m using a third-party Twitter client, am I not seeing DMs or not getting any the last couple days?


Ok. It works. Just wasn’t getting DMs. DM drought. Weird week, people, weird week.

I can feel Will’s pain here. Normally, general managers just send him a DM.


4 responses to “Will F**king Carroll Is Unpopular, Confused

  1. Carpool Tunnel Syndrome


    “Wow, you should be permanently banned from this site for making a point using a player’s month and a half stats. ” – MGL

  2. He doesn’t know unpopularity. Designated Sitter. Now that’s unpopular. 10-12 visitors a day over the past year.

  3. Most troubling is the news that Will Carroll is working on a novel.


    God help us.

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