This Is What You Get When You Pay by the Post

(or: FanGraphs, Written by a Robot?)

FanGraphs Posts Where Everything After the Title Is Superfluous

And don’t forget that these articles are all from the last two weeks. Let me repeat that. All of these articles were published in the last two weeks!

Now, here’s a special bonus list! And these are only from the last two weeks as well.

FanGraphs Posts Where Only One Word after the Title Is Needed

Full credit for the idea for this post belongs to “FagGraphs,” perhaps Praiseball Bospectus’ best commenter.

Update: Apparently, there’s been a Twitter account dedicated to this for a little bit! And it’s funny. Everyone please go check out FanGraphs As Tweets.


13 responses to “This Is What You Get When You Pay by the Post

  1. Pure gold. God’s work, these people are doing.

  2. James Holzhauer

    Fantastic and so obvious in hindsight.

  3. fucking amazing

  4. Carpool Tunnel Syndrome

    In this one they don’t even try to hide the fact that the title is completely superfluous —

  5. Alton Jimmer

    I agree that most of these articles aren’t overloaded with unique insight and are mainly pointing out facts that any normal human could discover by perusing a leaderboards list or looking at the same basic stats over and over… however I missed the part where FanGraphs claimed to be providing deep insight all the time. Plus I also think there’s value to the average reader in most of these articles–sure the reader could find out that Mike Adams is dominating or look at some stats to decide whether John Danks is an ace–but people don’t necessarily want to look up the stats themselves. As long as the FG author puts a little humor or writes well in the article I don’t see a problem with these.

    • But they don’t write with any humor or insight! There’s value in pointing out some of these things, but the 500 words following the title are completely pointless and just an excuse to get some more of that FanGraphs cash.

  6. Detroit Michael

    News flash: a headline is supposed to summarize the article’s contents.

  7. Summarize. Not “make superfluous.”

  8. I like FG. Do I like everything they do? Of course not. Different people have different tastes and they have a broad audience. This site does not. It’s easy to go through a site with considerable content and hand pick a bunch of articles that are not written well. A lot easier than actually writing well written articles. Frankly, the whole concept of creating a site with the purpose of tearing other people’s work down is lame and juvenile. Which is fine, some people enjoy that kind of thing, more power to you. But it makes the whole thing ironic when the people you are tearing down contribute to a site that actually offers real content and analysis.

  9. Statshit Insane

    Don’t get too worked up, Dave.

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