Look Out, Mrs. Tango

Tangotiger, revealing a side we haven’t seen before:

OPS is fine, if that’s all you have. But, don’t be too serious about it. Think of OPS as your f-buddy.

He doesn’t finish the analogy, though. If OPS is your “f-buddy,” what’s wOBA? Your girlfriend? Your wife? I shudder to think the implications of this.


2 responses to “Look Out, Mrs. Tango

  1. Amazing. I read that this morning and just knew it would make it here.

    Off topic suggestion for a post — chronicle all the FanGraphs posts in which the 500 words after the title are superfluous. (one could make an argument that the majority of posts are like this, but here are a couple examples of posts featuring an informative title followed by a bunch of word vomit)

    “Matsuzaka Off To Rought Start”

    “Grady Sizemore Returns”

    “Matt Kemp Is The Dodgers Offense”

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