Another Post About TUCK!

At the risk of making this the first and only blog dedicated to TUCK! sez criticism, how could I pass up his latest gem? It might be his worst finest achievement to date.

My complaints:

  1. TUCK! thinks Josh Hamilton is the Rangers’ first baseman.
  2. TUCK! thinks members of the BBWAA vote for the Gold Gloves (they don’t)
  3. TUCK! thinks Felix Hernandez was undeserving of the AL Cy Young and Joey Votto was undeserving of the NL MVP.

And I think the backwards K lives on Asteroid 331.


6 responses to “Another Post About TUCK!

  1. Well, Liriano did have a better xFIP. Anyways, I thought you mock these guys for being saberists. Now you mock them when they aren’t?

  2. Carpool Tunnel Syndrome

    I thought Tango’s awesome visualizations in this post were amusing.

  3. Well, “TUCK! sez criticism” could actually be an interesting subject for a blog …

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