Questions to Ponder, Vol. 1

Why is Jesse Behr a “Special Assistant” at Baseball Prospectus? What does that even mean?


12 responses to “Questions to Ponder, Vol. 1

  1. Detroit Michael

    Behr actually answered this question during the long chat session that Baseball Prospectus held on the first day of the playoffs. I realize the purpose of this blog is snark, but if you want the info it’s there.

    • It took some digging, but I found the chat in question. Here’s the relevant passage:

      Jesse Behr (2:38:40 PM PT): I’ll start by saying I’M NOT the punching bag for our staff here, though this chat may not show that . . . Basically, with the whole “Special Assistant” title, I have a very unique situation. I’m studying as a freshman at Syracuse University in the Sport Management department. Since I spend a good amount of time working with these nuts (kidding!) during the week, I asked my lead professors if I could earn credits for my work at BP. To make a long story short, the title of “Special Assistant” was awarded to me to so I could concentrate on specific tasks with Prospectus rather than carry a broader title of being called an intern (not that that’s a bad thing). Now, I can take those three credits and cure world hunger . . .

      That doesn’t even make sense. Isn’t working for an outside firm for college credit called an internship? I feel like I’m taking crazy pills!

  2. It means he’s a guy who just started out as a behind the scenes intern, but did well enough to earn a promotion. Because BP pays author’s more than assistants (I presume), they didn’t want to make him a full fledged Author yet; however, they wanted him to contribute to the site.

  3. I miss this blog. More, please.

  4. Nothing on this? I figure it would be perfect Praiseball fodder. Backlasher was a guy who would opine on Moneyball, DIPs, steroids, and reliever usage. He was sort of a dick, but I got along with him.

  5. More food for thought. Aren’t Bradberri both Burn-baum recipients?

  6. It’s the World F Series. You haven’t found something to snark on lately? A lonely nation turns its eyes towards you.

  7. Brian Cartwright

    Jesse’s LinkedIn profile says that he’s now a ‘Executive Assistant’, and I didn’t make that up

  8. Does that mean he fetches coffee for Colin Wyers?

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